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Helping Educators Reach Ownership

Providing Incredible Savings to Educators

As a teacher, you wake up every day and selflessly provide students with a good education. We know your job is not easy. Between grading papers, creating assignments, keeping your students focused, and all the late hours spent in your classroom, your work is never done. We are here to help you get into your dream home. You spend your days serving others, and we want to give back to you.

As a Pre-K, K-12, or postsecondary educator you may qualify for one of our programs to help you become a homeowner. We are committed to getting you the home financing you deserve. The perfect ending to a long day of teaching is being able to relax in a home that you own.

How Much Can You Save?

It’s important for you to get a home that you love while staying within your budget. We are committed to giving back to educators by helping them qualify to purchase a home. Our programs for educators can get you a low rate mortgage, rebates, grants, credits at closing, and discounts with vendors. When you put your money into purchasing a new home, you will have a solid investment for years to come.

Helping With Educator Home Loans - Why We Do It

We are on a mission. To pay back all those heroes out there who do so much for all of us. Teachers and educators are on that list. While some may believe that you have to leap tall buildings in a single bound to be a hero, we know teachers do the work of heroes everyday. That’s why we work to connect you with our home mortgage programs for teachers, as well as a wide range of rebates and discounts. We stay with you every step of the way. You don’t need to go it alone! We’ll be with you during your home purchase or refinance.

How You Can Benefit

Your state, local municipality and even the federal government may have programs from which you can benefit as an educator. The problem is that finding and accessing these programs can be complex. We are your partner in navigating this process, connecting you with:
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Mortgage Programs Made Easy

Teaching takes up a lot of your day. You take your work home with you. Helping your students after hours, grading papers, and even buying supplies for the classroom. Do you really have time to manage a complex home purchasing process? We can make your next home purchase or refinancing easier. We guide you through the process from the word “go” and make sure that you access all the savings you can that best suit your needs.
Family Bought A House With Our Home Loan For Heroes

You Can Own a Home!

Imagine coming home everyday to a property of your own! We make homeownership a reality for teachers and educators. You don’t have to throw your hard-earned dollars down the rental drain. Instead, you’ll be investing in a home that can comfort and protect you and yours for years to come.

Our Personal Guarantee

Our first priority is taking care of our heroes. Educators like you are why we do what we do. We promise to work with you during this process. Matching you up a home loan that suits your finances and long-term needs and get you in the house you deserve!

Access Home Buying Assistance for Teachers Today!

There are a lot of options out there for you. Ready and waiting to get you in the home of your dreams. Teachers deserve the best and we want to help you get there. We provide the assistance you need to make your dream of buying a home a reality. To learn more, get in touch with our mortgage program specialist. We can start finding a teacher home loan program in your region that works for you!

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Are There Special Mortgage Programs for Teachers?

There are! Our specialists will work with you to find the best options for you based on where you live and what type of property you are looking for. Options will vary from region to region. And can be supplemented with additional benefits such as grants, rebates, and discounts.

Can a Single Teacher Afford a House?

With the right home mortgage, a single educator can afford a house. When the home purchasing process allows rebates and discounts, it can become much more affordable!

Do Teachers Get Better Mortgage Rates?

Educators can get access to special features that lower rates. To learn more about what home loans for teachers you can access in your region, get in touch with us today.

Is It Better to Get a Mortgage From a Bank or a Lender?

The advantage of one mortgage over another all depends on your particular financial picture. Depending on where you live, and what type of home you are looking for. Our specialists help you find the right home loan for you, making sure it suits your long-term financial needs.

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